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Last version of Project Configurator features options to select how user data is exported within the project configuration. You can have a look at this new feature here. This feature is oriented to those customers that have a large number of users in their instance, specially if they are managed under an external directory like LDAP, Active Directory, etc.

Very often it happens that exporting a project configuration implies exporting a great number of users, even all of them. Sometimes this is not convenient as it implies having around an XML file with the names and email addresses of so many people. Moreover, when users are in an external directory it can happen that there are inconsistencies that in previous versions would halt the export with an error, as a username that refers to a user that does not actually exist.

Since version 1.1.0 (or 1.1.0-J6 for JIRA 6 users), the administrator can choose how users will be exported. Either he can do a “full export”, as the plugin has done in previous versions, do not export invalid users or do not export any user a all. With these options all the problems outlined before can be avoided.