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Project Configurator’s version 1.0.6 has already been released. What is it about ?

Trying to sum it up in one word, I would say “usability” was our main objective. First of all we have adapted its user interface to be based on Atlassian User Interface library. We expect this change will bring an easier to understand product to our customers as now it is more similar to the rest of JIRA. Messages have also been arranged in a clearer disposition, specially in the case of error pages, both in export and load.

We have also added some improvements which make its use more convenient. One of them offers the option to have the plugin create automatically projects referred by custom field contexts (of course, only if those projects do not exist previously). This was a situation that prevented successful load of a configuration and was initially a bit confusing for some users.

Now the plugin also offers the option to ignore selected object types when loading a configuration. This has been requested by several users and is useful in some situations, specially when development environments, where the project configuration is created, have important differences with production. It comes handy too if someone plans to use JIRA Project Import Tool to bring in issues and related data, after loading the project’s configuration with Project Configurator. JIRA Project Import Tool will not import data if the project already has versions or components. Having the option to disable load of versions and components solves this problem and enables what should be a frequent use case: loading first the configuration and then the rest of project data.

Last but not least, the plugin can operate now without connection to the Internet (see PCP-60 and related issues). We hope this will be welcome by our most security-conscious customers!