Awnaba has joined the Adaptavist family!

Awnaba has been acquired by Adaptavist.
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Versions 1.0.9 and 1.0.9-J6 have already been released. Maybe their most visible contribution will be to remove the restriction that a custom field shoud have at least one configuration scheme to be exported or loaded correctly. This restriction created lots of problems when exporting configurations and, even if it is quite rare, such a custom field would be valid in JIRA, so that restriction was actually unjustified.

There is also a new section in the wiki called the Project Configurator cookbook. This section tries to show some of the things you can do with Project Configurator. Many of them have been suggested by users. We will try to keep improving this new section in the wiki. For example, very soon we will add examples showing how to automate export and load of configurations.

Have a look at it and, of course, if you want to add your pinch of salt do it with a comment or send us an email!