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Project Configurator is a plugin for JIRA for copying a project configuration from a development or test instance to another JIRA instance.




It can export a project configuration to an XML file and load it into JIRA from an XML file.


Handles not only the project specific configuration, but also global objects such as schemes, workflows, statuses, resolutions, users, roles, groups, etc. that are used by the project.


When a configuration is loaded, the plugin will detect the minimum set of changes required to replicate it in the target instance.


It offers a simulated load feature, that allows for previewing the changes that will be applied.


Both processes (export and load) can be launched by an administrator from a standard JIRA session in a web browser running anywhere.



You can buy Project Configurator at Atlassian Marketplace, or directly from your JIRA installation.
It is sold also by the network of Atlassian Experts. Look at this list of Atlassian Experts recommended as resellers of marketplace add-ons.



Prices are available in Atlassian Marketplace, in the main page for Project Configurator plugin. Here you can find more information about the purchasing and licensing model.
If you have any other doubt or question related to the prices or how to purchase the plugin feel free to contact us.