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Copy JIRA project configurations to other instances with Project Configurator

Including custom fields, workflows, schemes, roles, …
Creating new objects or modifying existing ones.
Simulated load feature (preview).


awnaba is now part of Adaptavist.

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Project Configurator


Better mapping of users

Yesterday we released versions 1.11-J6 and 1.11-J7 of Project Configurator. These versions include a change that will improve very much how users are transferred between instances. This change is explained in greater detail in issue PCP-396.

Workflow layouts

We have recently released versions 1.9 of Project Configurator. The most outstanding feature in the new version is the support for workflow layouts. This means that now, when a workflow is imported, its layout will be the same as it was in the source instance.

JIRA 7 and better handling of JIRA caches

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JIRA 7 and better handling of JIRA caches

This week we have released version 1.8 of Project Configurator. One of the great advances this week is compatibility with JIRA 7, which had already been requested by some customers. Actually, version “1.8” does not exist with that name but as two different...

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