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Copy JIRA project configurations to other instances with Project Configurator

Including custom fields, workflows, schemes, roles, …
Creating new objects or modifying existing ones.
Simulated load feature (preview).


awnaba is now part of Adaptavist.

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Project Configurator


Export your project with Project Configurator for JIRA

A good practice to keep clean and optimized our Jira is to have an instance for testing, in this instance we can make any changes or testing without fear of interfering in the performance of our team, after completing the tests we can implement these changes on the production instance with the assurance that we will not include those aspects with undesirable results.

Advantages of Project Configurator for JIRA

As administrators of JIRA, we are always looking for the most efficient and effective way to manage our projects. Continuously, we make changes in the configuration of each project, we customize fields, we create workflows, schemes, statuses, users, roles, groups, among other objects. Administrators must be careful about these modifications. Each change must be verified in a test instance before it is launched in the production instance.

AtlasCamp 2016 at Barcelona

I will attend AtlasCamp 2016 next week at Barcelona. I will be there from Monday morning until Wednesday afternoon. Anyone interested in talking about Project Configurator, suggestions, ideas, opinions,… or just having a drink and a chat? Let’s meet at...

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