Awnaba has joined the Adaptavist family!

Awnaba has been acquired by Adaptavist.
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We have scheduled a new version (1.1.2) for release next week.

As usual, we will release two functionally equivalent versions in consecutive days, one for JIRA 5.X (on Wednesday 13th) and another for JIRA 6.X (on Thursday 14th). This version will introduce a slight change in our version naming scheme. Now both versions, for JIRA 5 and 6, will have a suffix that identifies the range of JIRA version it is aimed to. Thus, the new versions will be called “1.1.2-J5” and “1.1.2-J6”. This change intends to highlight the existence of different plugin versions for both JIRA 5.X and JIRA 6.X.

Functionally speaking, version 1.1.2 contains a number of bug fixes. In parallel, we are preparing some other changes that will make it possible to enhance Project Configurator with a number of exciting and very interesting new features. Stay tuned to our blog in the next weeks!