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Yesterday we have released version 1.4 of Project Configurator. This version includes two relevant new features.

The first feature is the ability to export and load filters. Very often, when an admin is setting up a new project in JIRA or fulfilling a user request, he has to create or modify filters. With this new feature, it is now possible to do it in a development instance, test and verify the filters and, once they are ready, transfer easily those filters to the production environment.

The second feature is a new way to handle the configuration of custom fields that prevents side effects on projects that are not being imported. We have called it “Smart custom field contexts“. The idea is to use custom field contexts to limit changes only to contexts that affect the projects the plugin is importing. Several users had pointed out that replicating the complete configuration of the custom field had obviously an impact on other projects apart from the imported one. Some of them had also suggested that custom field contexts were the key to limiting this impact.

Thanks to all of them: the needs and suggestions of the users are the forces that drive Project Configurator.