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Back again at this blog, after a long period. During this period, we kept communication with users on our issue tracker and by email.

We have just released version 1.3.0 of the plugin. This version is valid from JIRA 5.1 up to JIRA 6.2.4. Previously we released separate versions for JIRA 5 and for JIRA 6. This was not a bad solution, but from time to time users got the wrong version for their JIRA. We expect this change will lead to a better and easier installation experience.

¿What about JIRA 5.0?

Someone might be wondering what has happened with support for JIRA versions 5.0.X, as the previous plugin versions for JIRA 5 ran on JIRA 5.0.X too. In order to keep this support we have also released version “1.3.0-J5.0”. This is the equivalent of version 1.3.0 for JIRA 5.0.X. As stated time ago on this blog, we will support JIRA 5.0 at least till Atlassian declares its “End of Life”.