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Project Configurator runs now on JIRA 6 !!

At the end of June we released version 1.0.8, with some smart additions related to custom fields and supporting other two workflow plugins. Last Friday (July 12th) this version was ported to JIRA 6 with the name “1.0.8-J6”.

Our plan for the future is to release new versions in pairs, first the version for JIRA 5.X and a few days later the version for JIRA 6.X. Both versions will have the same base name, following the same scheme started with version “1.0.8” and “1.0-8-J6”. We will maintain an updated version of the plugin for JIRA versions at least until they are phased out by JIRA End of Life Policy (which you can see here). For example, we plan to have an updated version of the plugin available for JIRA 5.0.X at least until Jul 1st, 2014. Obviously, these plans do not cover JIRA 4.4.X, as Project Configurator never ran on it.