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A good practice to keep clean and optimized our Jira is to have an instance for testing, in this instance we can make any changes or testing without fear of interfering in the performance of our team, after completing the tests we can implement these changes on the production instance with the assurance that we will not include those aspects with undesirable results.

Jira has the functionality to export in XML format (Administration > Export & Import > BackUp System) that is useful for this purpose, then we must import the project using the “Import project” functionality. However, manual mapping may be necessary if our project uses configuration elements that do not exist in the production instance (Issue types, fields, schemes, workflows, statuses, resolutions, users, roles, groups, etc.). In fact when accessing this functionality Jira warns:

“This tool allows you to import a JIRA project from a backup file. Importing a project is a complex operation that requires performing manual to configuring your instance of JIRA changes. These changes require that you have good understanding of, and experience in the administration and configuration of JIRA. ”

It is good practice, but sometimes it can become a tedious routine because you have to take in mind many factors and the possibility of forgetting details in the process.

Awnaba Software help us in this process reducing the time and risk with the “Project Configurator for JIRA” plugin available for JIRA 6 and 7, this plugin allows you to export your project of our test instance in three simple steps, allowing customized configuration elements and then import it into our production instance

The Project Configurator for JIRA plugin, includes the possibility of running a simulated load, where you can have a preview of changes that will be applied to the instance, showing the expected load trace without modifying the database.