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Yesterday we released version 1.3.1 of Project Configurator. The focus in this version was on solving some problems that arise when the original configuration is not as “perfect” as usual.

Maybe the most frequent of these situations happens when there are custom fields that were defined in a plugin that was later uninstalled or disabled. In these cases, the custom fields are somehow “there”,specially in screens, but they do not fully exist either: the Java API will return null when asked to look for them. This created serious problems when exporting or loading configurations. These problems were a major obstacle for some users.

The new version improves also the filtering of custom fields that are not used by the exported projects. Now the plugin can also take into account whether the issues in those projects have values set for those custom fields. Have a look at the new documentation!

More details about the content of this version can be found at its release notes in the marketplace and in our issue tracker.