Awnaba has joined the Adaptavist family!

Awnaba has been acquired by Adaptavist.
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We have just released version 1.4.3, and ten days earlier version 1.4.2. Both versions are focused on bug fixes and minor improvements. Most of them are related to the new features introduced in the last months: filters and smart custom field contexts.

Our next milestone will be import and export of dashboards, which we expect to release with version 1.5 at the end of March. This feature has been requested by some users: This is, of course, the most important reason to add a new feature to any software! Anyway, it makes a lot of sense, as configuring dashboards is very often a big part in the configuration of projects in JIRA. It is also a logical next step after including export and import of filters.

Looking forward to version 1.5!