Awnaba has joined the Adaptavist family!

Awnaba has been acquired by Adaptavist.
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Awnaba Software S.L. does not collect any data from the JIRA instances where our add-on Project Configurator is installed. Project Configurator does not transmit any information from these instances.



Awnaba Software S.L. receives from Atlassian contact data of customers that evaluate, purchase, give feedback or otherwise interact with our products at the Atlassian Marketplace, subject to the terms stated in Atlassian Marketplace terms of use.
Awnaba Software also gets contact information from customers that request information, support or simply get in contact with us through any of our contact and support channels, that include (without limitation) our issue tracker , Atlassian Answers, our email accounts or this web site. The issue tracker and Atlassian answers are hosted by Atlassian, and the rest of our channels are hosted by one of our suppliers in Spain. Please, take into account that information submitted to the issue tracker is publicly available (see more details and advice here).
We only use this contact information for our own operations related to this add-on. Some of these operations are: providing support to customers, getting additional information about customers feedback or promoting related products or services.
We do not sell this information or share it with third parties.