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We have been planning new version 1.0.8 and this post announces the new features that it will contain.

First of all, and how its name suggests (“More workflow plugins supported”) this version will bring support for workflow conditions, validators and post-functions defined in two popular plugins: Script Runner and Customware Jira Utilities. Related to these changes, the new version will include support for export and load of issue link types, as these might be referenced in some workflow extensions defined in both Script Runner and Customware JIRA Utilities.

There are two important improvements related to custom fields: support for custom fields with duplicate field names but with different types, and an option to avoid export of custom fields which are not used in the project. In this case, an important part of the problem is deciding what criteria to apply in order to classify a custom field as “not used”. We think the best would be to consider “unused” a custom field that users cannot see (it does not appear in any screen used by the project or it is hidden in all field configurations ) and that is not referenced in any of the project’s workflows or schemes (notification, permission or issue security).

Last, the new version will order the XML exported file (at least the most relevant parts). This will not make any difference for those who only want to transfer a project configuration to another instance, but it will be very convenient for comparing XML files and detecting changes in them. This may be useful when you want to know what has changed in your configuration.

You can find details of the version in this page and the full list of included changes here.