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Data portability in JIRA

During last Euro Summit at Barcelona, Keshav Puttaswamy from Atlassian gave a very interesting presentation about the Data Center suite of Atlassian products. The presentation is available in Slideshare if you want to see it.

Going to Barcelona!

Very, very soon I will be at Barcelona to join the first Atlassian Euro Summit and AtlasCamp. This is an excellent opportunity to meet users, partners and other vendors, all of them very smart and interesting folks. If you want to meet and chat for a while, just send...

Automating migration of complete projects in JIRA

Last week we released version 2.1.3 of Project Configurator for JIRA. This version enables launching export and import of complete projects from the command line. In previous versions it was possible to drive “configuration only” exports and imports from...

JIRA 7.3 and better error reporting

The new version 2.1.1 of Plugin Configurator for JIRA has just been launched. As usual, it has been released in two different versions: 2.1.1-J6 for JIRA 6.3 and 6.4 and 2.1.1-J7 for JIRA 7.
The version for JIRA 7 is the first one to be officially compatible with the new JIRA 7.3, something that has been demanded by users in the last few days.

Moving Scrum and Kanban boards

In a few days, we plan to release version 2.1.0 of Project Configurator for JIRA. This version will add a new feature to export and import Scrum and Kanban boards as part of the configuration for a group of projects.

Improving version 2 of Project Configurator

Hi again, after some months of silence. This did not mean lack of activity, on the contrary, after the release of version 2.0 the support activity has been very intense. In addition, development has produced, apart from a number of bug fixes, interesting improvements. I would like to review some of them here:

The next generation of Project Configurator is here

Version 2.0 of our add-on “Project Configurator for JIRA” is due to be released in a few days. This new version is able to export or import a complete project, including its configuration, data and attachments in a single operation.

Export your project with Project Configurator for JIRA

A good practice to keep clean and optimized our Jira is to have an instance for testing, in this instance we can make any changes or testing without fear of interfering in the performance of our team, after completing the tests we can implement these changes on the production instance with the assurance that we will not include those aspects with undesirable results.

Advantages of Project Configurator for JIRA

As administrators of JIRA, we are always looking for the most efficient and effective way to manage our projects. Continuously, we make changes in the configuration of each project, we customize fields, we create workflows, schemes, statuses, users, roles, groups, among other objects. Administrators must be careful about these modifications. Each change must be verified in a test instance before it is launched in the production instance.

AtlasCamp 2016 at Barcelona

I will attend AtlasCamp 2016 next week at Barcelona. I will be there from Monday morning until Wednesday afternoon. Anyone interested in talking about Project Configurator, suggestions, ideas, opinions,… or just having a drink and a chat? Let’s meet at...

Drafts for workflows and workflow schemes

The last version of Project Configurator (v 1.13-JX), released last week, is focused on draft management for workflows and workflow schemes. From the end user point of view, its most relevant feature is the option to publish those drafts automatically. This feature will publish draft workflows and draft workflow schemes that have been created during the import, unless user input is required to map statuses of existing issues under the new workflow scheme.

Changes in the user interface

Early this week we have released versions 1.12-J6 and 1.12-J7 of Project Configurator. The main addition in these versions is an important improvement of the user interface, both for exporting and importing configurations.

Happy birthday!

Three years ago, on February 27th 2013, the first version of Project Configurator was published in the Atlassian Marketplace. These three years have been incredible. The product itself has evolved a lot in terms of functionality, error handling, robustness…even though the user interface is quite similar to the original.

Better mapping of users

Yesterday we released versions 1.11-J6 and 1.11-J7 of Project Configurator. These versions include a change that will improve very much how users are transferred between instances. This change is explained in greater detail in issue PCP-396.

Workflow layouts

We have recently released versions 1.9 of Project Configurator. The most outstanding feature in the new version is the support for workflow layouts. This means that now, when a workflow is imported, its layout will be the same as it was in the source instance.

JIRA 7 and better handling of JIRA caches

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JIRA 7 and better handling of JIRA caches

This week we have released version 1.8 of Project Configurator. One of the great advances this week is compatibility with JIRA 7, which had already been requested by some customers. Actually, version “1.8” does not exist with that name but as two different...