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Better mapping of users

Yesterday we released versions 1.11-J6 and 1.11-J7 of Project Configurator. These versions include a change that will improve very much how users are transferred between instances. This change is explained in greater detail in issue PCP-396. I will not repeat that here, but only mention that if you have recently come accross errors like these when importing users in your configurations:

Cannot rename: user with username ‘XXXXX’ already exists
com.atlassian.jira.exception.CreateException: com.atlassian.crowd.exception.InvalidUserException: User already exists

Then you will have that problem solved with version 1.11-JX.
On a different matter, let us not forget PCP-393. This is an improvement that was included in versions 1.10-J6 and 1.10-J7. It is designed to facilitate import of configurations with many (possibly hundreds or thousands) dashboards and filters. This situation may happen when trying to merge a JIRA instance into another, in the previous step of moving the complete configuration to the destination instance.
We sincerely wish all our customers will find the newest version of Project Configurator more convenient and useful. Many thanks for trusting us!